Why Join BRDS ?

Top 10 Reasons for every parents & students to know, Why Join BRDS?

BRDS has the Highest Result

    02. BRDS has more than 11+ years of Experience

    03. BRDS has the Best Team & Faculties

    04. BRDS Provides the Best Course Material for Students

    05. BRDS Provides Versatile Training and Coaching

    06. BRDS helps students in building Self Confidence

    07. BRDS is having the Best Infrastructure & Education Facilities for Students

    08. Class room coaching is important for design development skills.

    09. BRDS provides a Professionally Designed 75 hour Coaching Module for students.

    10. BRDS provides all authentic information such as Result & Faculty Profile in Writing

    01. BRDS has the Highest Result

    Result is one the important key factor while choosing the institute, it gives the clarity about the institute that whether the direction in which the institute is providing training is correct or not. So check the result before getting enrolled.

    BRDS has the highest number of selections at NATA Last year as compared to any coaching institute in India.

    Beware of fraud coaching institutes, caliming false results

    • Always check year-wise result before joining any coaching institute
    • Some fraud coaching institutes only talk about result in numbers, Only trust a coaching institute if they provide result with full name, photo of student and city in writing.
    • Beware of those institutes which upload false pictures (low-resolution) where the students cannot be identified from the result
    • Never join a coaching institute who provide only first name of the student and do not provide full details
    • Always, visit the college or check online (searching the name of student on facebook etc) to re-confirm the claims of any coaching classes before joining

    02. BRDS has more than 11+ years of Experience

    BRDS is successfully running coaching since last 8+ years. Our experience & expertise makes us the best coaching institute in India. Always choose an institute that is in field of coaching at least for a period of 5 years. Never enroll with a fresh institute as you are not for an experiment or for trail. Don’t let others play with your career.

    03. BRDS has the Best Team & Faculties

    We have the best team & faculties with vast experience. Mr. Bhanwar Rathore himself is a NIFT Alumni. All our faculities & teachers are alumni from the top design colleges of India.

    NID/NIFT/IIM faculties -Why only NID / NIFT / IIM / CEPT graduates are best for cracking the entrance exam. The questions asked in the entrance exam are design based along with observation power questions. NIFT/ NID / IIM / CEPT Graduates are trained for very high level of designing skills; this is the reason that they will be best for developing design concept and they provide right guidance for design concept exercises that are asked in the entrance exam. Any 12th level drawing teacher can only help you learn basic drawing skills not the design concept. More over NID / NIFT / IIM / CEPT graduates portfolios are made under the guidance of their faculties, NIFT ians and NID ians know how to present the portfolio work in best style. They will be the best guides for facing Interview as they have already faced their interviews for admission as well as they are taught to face jury after every project. They can share their experiences and give suggestions for facing the interview.

    04. BRDS Provides the Best Course Material for Students

    The Course Material is specially prepared by Alumni of NID(Ahmedabad), NIFT, IIM, CEPT. Don’t purchase study material from the websites which do not show their last years result and uses tricky words such as hundreds of successful students.

    Always focus on the Quality of Study Material & Final Result of the Coaching Institute. Beware of certain fraud coaching institutes who are selling the study material in Quantity (Kilograms) or No. of pages. Donot buy study material from such institutes.

    05.BRDS Provides Self Confidence

    We consistently introduce innovative ways of training and coming up with new ideas to groom and shape our students. We provide coaching to our students at every level like design concept, quantitative aptitude, word power, login, case analysis, general knowledge, reasoning ability etc. to make them stand out in crowd.

    06.BRDS helps students in building Self Confidence

    BRDS supports students in overcoming weaknesses, lack of self-confidence, managing stress, mock test for interview & exam preparation.

    07.BRDS is having the Best Infrastructure, Hostel & Education Facilities for Students

    BRDS has 20 centers across India (Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai , Baroda, Rajkot, Pune, Chandigarh) with a total 48,000 Sq. ft. We have latest infrastructure & facilities, hi-tech computer lab, Wi-Fi enabled Classrooms, Library, Projectors, Hostel facilities & many more.

    Hostel accommodation facility is available with BRDS.BRDS Hostels are safe for girls. From last 6 years, students from all over India have visited Ahmedabad and have stayed at hostel for attending coaching programmes. Girls hostel is at walking distance from institute

    08.Class room coaching is important for design development skills.

    Self study also helps but you do need a mentor for proper guidance and mainly for correcting your mistakes. If you study in a group of 15-20 students you can share your ideas as well as you do get new ideas of other students that definitely improve your design ability.

    09.BRDS provides a Professionally Designed 75 hour Coaching Module for students.

    BRDS offers weekend batch, crash course & regular batch, the total duration & course content of all the batches is total 75 hours. To the point coaching is important. If any coaching institute claims that they will be providing 450 Hours or full day coaching for NID / NIFT entrance exam preparation; They are making you fool as well as they are wasting your time and money. Simply Ask them one Question how many students have got selected from your institute after studying 450 hours or full day coaching. Last year 109 students have got selected in NID from BRDS .Out of 88 students 60% are from outstation who have attended 10 days / 14 days coaching programmes at Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio. They have completed exam preparation in 10 Days by spending daily 8 hours every day at design studio.

    10.BRDS provides all authentic information such as Result & Faculty Profile in Writing

    Every parent should check all information provided by coaching institute (in written) before joining the institute. It is a question of your Child's Future. This is your right. No other institutes except BRDS provides complete details in writing. Join BRDS.