UG11. ODC – Other Design Colleges

Set of 12 books for comprehensive preparation of PEARL, UID, The Design Village, ITM, SOFT, IIAD, G. D. Goenka, IID, NICC, ISDI Parson, UPES, ADTDS, WLC, Shrishti, MIT, D J Academy, FDDI, DSK, IAM, & Satyam at UG level.

Contains more than 5000 (solved & unsolved exercises), tasks, questions, Expert Drawing, facts to increase your drawing, imagination & creative skills. Proven course material that has helped so many students face the entrance exams with confidence and secure their seat in the institute of their dreams.

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Details of Correspondence Course

Correspondence Course Module Contents
Drawing and Design Module 1 Basic fundamentals of Drawing
This is very important book for those students who are weak in drawing skills. This book helps to improve drawing skill.
Basics of Drawing, Perspective, Composition, Shading techniques and Rendering textures, Light and shadow, tools and musical instruments, Cross Section, Exploded view of objects
Human figures, Drawing the head, Human body in motion, Drawing of Birds, Drawing of Animals, Caricature, Animation.
Module 2 Design Development & Concept (Creative Ability )
Only drawing skill is not important for cracking any design aptitude exam. You need to have good design concept. This book will help you to improve your designing skills. It will include Design concepts, how to design with concepts and presentation of concept/idea on paper.
Elements of Design: Line, Shape, Form, Colour, Pattern, Texture, Principles of Design: Balance, Rhythm, Proportion, Unity, Contrast, Optical illusion, Doodling as a creative process,
Visual communication (Typography/ lettering, poster design, logo design, Symbols and pictograms),
Designing patterns and motifs, Designing Apparel and Accessories, Design process and concepts, Creative thinking, Object Analysis & Enlargement.
Module 3 Colour concept
This module will give full knowledge of colours- psychology, and colour applications.
Colour Theory – Colour Introduction, Colour Vocabulary, Colour Wheel, Warm Colours,
Cool Colours, Colour Schemes, Colour Psychology
Module 4 Memory Drawing
Book for memory drawing with around 50 sketches
Module 5 100 mock test questions
100 mock test questions designed by NIDians and NIFTians according to last year’s papers. These questions have been designed keeping the changing pattern of exams in mind and type of questions that can be asked.
ODC (other Design colleges )papers Module 6 Past papers or sample papers of other design colleges
UID, PEARL, DSK, MIT, ITM, SOFT, SRISHTI, SYMBIOSIS, NICC, G.D.Goenka, ISDI Parsons, The Design Village, IIAD, D J Academy, FDDI
General Ability test Module 7 Book on Quantitative Ability
Module 8 Book on General Knowledge and current affair
Module 9 Book on Verbal reasoning
Module 10 Book on Non-verbal reasoning
Module 11 Book on English comprehension & Communication Ability
Module 12 Resources CD: sketch, perspective, colour theory, colour composition, human action, exploded diagrams, inspiration, line sketching, logo, poster design, creative design etc.(FREE)


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