The study of, planning for, creation of, and management of human habitats are major areas of study at CEPT University. Both its research and teaching initiatives increase the understanding of human settlements and aim to develop thinking professionals. To support the objective of improving environments, CEPT University also engages in consulting initiatives. Passing the Cept 2023 exam lets you improve the lives of people in villages, towns, and cities through its educational and research initiatives.

Cept Result 2023

Eligibility for CEPT

The eligibility criteria listed are as per AICTE norms. Minimum qualification for Bachelor of Faculty of Architecture:

For Cept Admission 2023, the applicant must have successfully completed Mathematics, Statistics, or Business Mathematics as one of the subjects on the qualifying exam. For the general category, the candidate must obtain a minimum of 50% in each subject, and for candidates who are SEBC, SC, or ST, the minimum is 45%.

How many people appear for CEPT?

Attend Cept Coaching to pass the NATA entrance exam and secure a seat in CEPT. More than 500 people appear for CEPT each year. Forty seats in the faculty of architecture are available and have been authorized by AICTE. There are 30 seats available for interior design bachelor’s degrees that have been approved by AICTE from the Faculty of Design. There are 40 seats available in the planning faculty, which is approved by the university.

Final thoughts

Follow the website for information on the admissions process and to receive an application form for B.Arch after receiving passing scores on the NATA exam, which is 80 out of 200.

The NATA test must be passed in order to apply for a B.Arch. The website will include the application form, important dates to remember, a list of documents to submit, and other information. The website will release the Cept Result 2023 after the applications are submitted.

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