Choosing the right entrance exam is crucial When seeking a career in architecture or design. Two major options for aspiring architects and designers in India are the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) and the Common Entrance Examination for Design conducted by the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT).

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1. Purpose and Scope:

• NATA is primarily designed for students seeking admission to undergraduate architecture programs (B.Arch) across various colleges in India.
• It assesses a candidate’s aptitude in drawing, observational skills, aesthetic sensitivity, logical reasoning, and a basic understanding of mathematics.

• The CEPT Entrance Exam assesses the knowledge of individuals interested in pursuing postgraduate programs in design (M.Des) and related fields such as urban planning and environmental management.
• It evaluates a candidate’s design aptitude, creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, and visual communication skills.

Eligibility Criteria:

• To appear for NATA, candidates should have completed their 12th class (or equivalent) examination with maths as a mandatory subject.
• There is no age limit for NATA.

• For CEPT Admission, specific eligibility criteria are set that vary depending on the program you intend to apply for.
• Generally, a bachelor’s degree in any discipline is required, and some programs may require prior work experience or a relevant bachelor’s degree in design or architecture.

Exam Structure and Content:

• NATA comprises two parts- Part A and Part B.
• Part A includes MCQs (multiple-choice questions) about mathematics and general aptitude.
• Part B assesses drawing skills, where candidates must create freehand sketches and drawings.

CEPT Two Parts:
• Part A includes MCQs related to design aptitude, visual and spatial perception, and logical reasoning.
• Part B evaluates candidates through design and hand-drawing exercises, followed by a written communication exercise.

Exam Pattern:

• NATA is conducted offline, with Part A as a computer-based test and Part B as a pen-and-paper test. So, the NATA Preparation 2024 students must study accordingly to complete the paper on time.

• CEPT is also conducted offline, with Part A and Part B as pen-and-paper tests.

Score Validity:

• NATA scores are valid for 1 year.

• CEPT scores are typically valid for two years, giving candidates more flexibility in applying for postgraduate programs.

Acceptance by Institutions:

NATA Result 2024 is widely accepted by numerous architecture colleges and institutions offering B.Arch programs across India.

• CEPT scores are primarily accepted by CEPT University in Ahmedabad and a few other select institutions offering M.Des and related programs.


In summary, NATA and CEPT serve different purposes in architecture and design education. NATA is tailored for undergraduate architecture admissions, focusing on basic aptitude and drawing skills. At the same time, CEPT is intended for postgraduate design programs and assesses advanced design aptitude and creative thinking. Your choice between these two exams should align with your career goals and the level of education you wish to pursue. It’s essential to research the specific requirements of the colleges or universities you plan to apply to and select the exam that best suits your aspirations.

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