NATA Coaching in Raipur 2024/2025

The NATA entrance exam is held in various locations across India to gain admission to Architectural Institutions. To gain admission to a desired college, the candidate must achieve high grades.

With so much competition, getting high NATA scores becomes difficult. Attending NATA Coaching Classes in Raipur will thus benefit students in various ways, ultimately assisting them in achieving their objectives.

Because attending coaching classes helps students improve their grades, it is critical for candidates to select the right coaching center.

Analyze the Benefits:

The competitive exam will be divided into several components to assess proficiency in various areas. In light of this, here are some things to consider when looking for NATA Coaching in Raipur:

• Years of NATA coaching experience

• Feedback from former students

• Assistance with exam registration and admissions

• Access to drawing workshops and theory classes in the coaching center

• Assistance from the architecture/design department

• A library with the most recent course materials and handouts

• Periodic exams and monitoring procedures

• Mock tests in both offline and online formats

BRDS’ NATA Institute in Raipur provides current handouts and course materials in the library. Examinations and monitoring procedures are carried out on a regular basis.

Students can practice taking online tests in a separate section of the computer lab. There is also a student monitoring system in place, as well as a well-designed curriculum.

How to Choose a NATA Coaching Institute 2024/2025?

• The location of the coaching center. Searching for an institute near your place will save you time, money, and travel efforts. And BRDS center is accessible from every part of the city.

• Before enrolling, inquire about the coaching institute’s pricing structure and whether the required amount fits your budget.

• Get an idea about the quality of teaching and faculty members of a particular coaching institute.

• The institute’s infrastructure is also an important thing to consider.

The first step is to read and comprehend the material and exam format. If you have a clear understanding of it, consider the above-mentioned suggestions when selecting a NATA coaching institute. This can help you do well on the final exam.

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    Why BRDS?

    BRDS India’s NO 1 Design Coaching Institute: BRDS is proud to announce that BRDS has the Highest selection of students in NID / NIFT/ NATA / CEPT this year as compared to any coaching institute in India.BRDS has been recognized in a number of publications and media outlets may it be results or achievements of our students, our fashion shows, career guidance, and news on designing industry/colleges. Click any of the links below to know more about some of our most recent or notable moments in the media.

    Top 10 Reasons for every parent & student to know, Why Join BRDS?

    01. BRDS has the  Highest Result

    02. BRDS has more than  17+ years of Experience

    03. BRDS has the  Best Team & Faculties

    04. BRDS Provides the  Best NATA Course Material for Students

    05. BRDS Provides  Versatile Training and Coaching

    06. BRDS helps students in building  Self Confidence

    07. BRDS is having the  Best Infrastructure & Education Facilities for Students

    08. Classroom coaching is important for design development skills.

    09. BRDS provides a Professionally Designed 75-hour Coaching Module for students.

    10. BRDS provides all authentic information such as Result & Faculty Profile in Writing

    01. BRDS has the Highest Result

    The result is one of the important key factors while choosing the institute, it gives clarity about the institute and whether the direction in which the institute is providing training is correct or not. So check the result before getting enrolled. BRDS has the highest number of selections at NATA Last year as compared to any coaching institute in India. Check our result!

    02. BRDS has more than 17+ years of Experience

    BRDS is successfully running coaching for the last 17+ years. Our experience & expertise makes us the best coaching institute in India. Always choose an institute that is in the field of coaching at least for a period of 5 years. Never enroll with a fresh institute as you are not for an experiment or for trial. Don’t let others play with your career.

    03. BRDS has the Best Team & Faculties

    We have the best team & faculties with vast experience. Mr. Bhanwar Rathore himself is a NIFT alumnus. All our facilities & teachers are alumni from the top design colleges of India.

    04. BRDS Provides the Best NATA Course Material for Students

    The Course Material is specially prepared by Alumni of NID, NIFT, IIM, CEPT. Don’t purchase study material from websites that do not show their last year’s result and use tricky words such as hundreds of successful students. Always focus on the Quality of Study Material & the Final Result of the Coaching Institute. Beware of certain fraud coaching institutes who are selling the study material in Quantity (Kilograms) or No. of pages. Don’t buy study material from such institutes.

    05. BRDS Provides Self Confidence

    We consistently introduce innovative ways of training and come up with new ideas to groom and shape our students. We provide coaching to our students at every level like design concept, quantitative aptitude, word power, login, case analysis, general knowledge, reasoning ability, etc. to make them stand out in the crowd.

    06. BRDS helps students in building Self Confidence

    BRDS support students in overcoming weaknesses, lack of self-confidence, managing stress, mock test for interviews & CEPT exam preparation.

    07. BRDS is having the Best Infrastructure, Hostel & Education Facilities for Students

    BRDS has 72+ centers across India (Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Baroda, Rajkot, Pune, Chandigarh) with a total of 48,000 sq. ft. We have the latest infrastructure & facilities, hi-tech computer lab, Wi-Fi enabled Classrooms, libraries, Projectors, Hostel facilities & many more.

    08. Classroom coaching is important for design development skills.

    Self-study also helps but you do need a mentor for proper guidance and mainly for correcting your mistakes. If you study in a group of 15-20 students you can share your ideas as well as you do get new ideas from other students that definitely improve your design ability.

    09. BRDS provides a Professionally Designed 75-hour Coaching Module for students.

    BRDS offers weekend batch, crash course & regular batch, the total duration & course content of all the batches is a total of 75 hours.
    To the point coaching is important. If any coaching institute claims that they will be providing 450 hours or full-day coaching for NID / NIFT entrance exam preparation; They are making you a fool as well as are wasting your time and money.

    10. BRDS provides all authentic information such as Result & Faculty Profile in Writing

    Every parent should check all information provided by the coaching institute (in writing) before joining the institute. It is a question of your Child’s Future. This is your right. No other institutes except BRDS provide complete details in writing with NATA classes fees and all. Join BRDS today!

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    Join The Best Coaching For NATA With 100% Success

    BRDS is proud to announce that BRDS has the Highest selection of students in NATA / CEPT / NID / NIFT / IIT this year as compared to any coaching institute in India

    Total Selection in
    NATA 2023
    Total Selection in
    NATA 2022
    Total Selection in
    NATA 2021
    Total Selection in
    NATA 2020

    Study Material / Online Coaching

    BRDS provides Self-study material for the architecture aspirants who could not join BRDS regular or crash courses. The materials are prepared by CEPT, SPA Alumni after extensive analysis of exams of NATA, JEE Paper-II (B.Arch), & AAT. The NATA Study Material 2024 is updated as per the latest test patterns.
    NATA / Cept study material
    Full Study Material 2024
    NATA / Cept study material
    Mock Test Series 2024
    NATA / Cept study material
    Mock Test Series (Online) 2024
    NATA / Cept study material
    1001 Original Question Bank
    NATA / Cept study material
    Original Paper
    NATA / Cept study material
    10 Years Original Papers
    NATA / Cept study material
    JEE B. Arch
    Full Study Material 2024
    NATA / Cept study material
    JEE B. Arch
    NATA / Cept study material
    ( SID / SBST / Planning ) 2024

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