NATA (National Aptitude Test for Architecture) is the gateway to top architecture institutes in India. It is conducted by COA (Council of Architecture). To qualify for B.Arch programs at prestigious architecture colleges, candidates need to clear the NATA exam. COA released a new information brochure that reflects the important changes in the NATA exam 2024. The changes in the NATA examinations are in terms of syllabus, exam pattern, eligibility criteria, attempts, and other aspects. In this blog, we will explore the most important changes in the NATA examinations 2024 that will help you prepare better.

NATA Exam Pattern & Marks Revised 2024

There are some significant changes in the NATA 2024 Exam Pattern. The entrance exam will be held in two parts: part A and part B. Part A will comprise a composition and drawing test, while part B will comprise questions from the aptitude section. Another important thing to pay attention to is that the drawing and composition part will be held as an offline exam.

Revised NATA 2024 Syllabus

The drawing and composition section will be introduced in the new academic year. It is a 90-minute, 80-mark test. The candidate must attempt three questions.

Part A- Drawing & Composition Test

As per the updated NATA Syllabus 2024, the test is divided into three sections:

  • A1—Composition & Colour: This section is worth 25 marks. It requires candidates to create ideal compositions for different circumstances and colour them accordingly. You need to re-arrange different shapes visually appealingly and colour them accordingly.
  • A2- Sketching & Composition: This section is 25 marks. It test candidates’ ability to visualize, draw, and picture a situation, proportion, structure, or product with an understanding of scale, shadow and others,
  • A3—This section is worth 30 marks. It requires candidates to create innovative 3D compositions for a specific situation using the given kit.

Part B

Part B comprises the NATA Exam Syllabus comprises of:

  • Visual Reasoning Ability: It tests candidates’ ability to understand and reconstruct 2D and 3D compositions. It tests their knowledge of composition and technicality.
  • General Knowledge, Architecture & Design: This section concludes basic knowledge about architecture and design, trends, and more. It also tests knowledge regarding famous monuments, historical structures, construction technology, and more.
  • Logical Derviation: This section includes the ability to decode a situation and context and understand its meaning.
  • Language Interpretation: It tests the candidate’s ability to correctly understand the meaning of words, meaning, grammar, and other aspects.
  • Design Sensitivity includes the ability to observe, record, and evaluate different people, environments, and other aspects. It tests critical thinking, logical reasoning, and the ability to effectively communicate.
  • Numerical Ability: It tests basic mathematical ability and creative thinking.

Number of NATA Attempts

Along with the NATA 2024 Exam Dates, the brochure released by COA speaks about the number of attempts. A candidate can make three attempts in the NATA 2024 in one academic year.

NATA Eligibility Criteria 2024

The Candidates Need to Fulfill the Following Requirements:

  • Passed or appeared for 10+ 1 exam with compulsory PCM subjects
  • Passed or appeared for 10+ 2 exam with compulsory PCM subjects
  • Passed or appeared for 10+ 3 diploma exams with compulsory mathetics subject.


These were some of the important changes in the NATA exam 2024. Candidates need to fulfil these criteria and be aware of these crucial changes so they can prepare for the NATA Entrance Exam accordingly. BRDS is the top NATA coaching institute in India. Our guidance has helped hundreds of students gain admission to the best architecture colleges in India. So if you are considering NATA coaching to enhance your chance to successfully crack NATA, join BRDS.

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