For NATA aspirants, the last month is extremely crucial. In the last month, students revised the important concepts and solved as many mock tests and sample question papers as possible. It allows students to have a better understanding of the questions that can be asked in the actual question exam & solve the NATA exam 2024 in one month. 

The COA (Council of Architecture) issues the NATA exam date 2024 on their official website; we hope you have started your revision process. If you have not started yet, this is a preparation guide that will help you strategically use the last month. In this blog, you will learn how to prepare for the NATA exam 2024 in one month and ace the entrance exam with flying colours.

Let’s Understand to Prepare for the NATA Exam 2024 in One Month.

The experts at BRDS, the finest NATA coaching Institute, suggest practising and solving as many have sample question papers and taking mock tests. It is best to avoid learning any new concept at the last moment that can confuse you and end up forgetting about what you studied. 

#1 Complete the NATA 2024 Syllabus

If you have not covered the entire syllabus and some important topics are yet left, this is the time to complete it. Additionally, candidates need to check the NATA paper pattern to know about the exam duration, exam mode, marking scheme, paper pattern and other important elements. Once you are well-versed with the syllabus and paper pattern, you are in a better position in terms of preparations. 

#2 Evaluating the NATA Exam Paper Pattern 2024

The COA revises the paper pattern, so candidates need to keep themselves updated. There may changes in marking schemes and distribution, so candidates need to visit the official NATA website to be well-informed about these changes. 

#3 Revise the Important Topics and Concepts

Candidates need to revise important concepts and topics, which helps them to memorise them better. Revision is the crucial element that can make a difference. You need to solve NATA Sample Paper, mock tests and previous years’ question papers. This can boost confidence and highlight the areas that need improvement. 

#4 Make Quick Notes

When revising, prepare notes. These handy notes can help candidates glance at and recall the concepts. Make use of colours, charts and diagrams that make the notes fun to read. Ensure these notes are prepared using credible sources so you don’t mess up in the actual exam. You can enrol for the NATA crash course, which can help you cover the syllabus and all the important topics quickly. 


The NATA exam 2024 is a challenging and complex exam that needs utmost dedication and focus. To ace the NATA entrance exam 2024, you need to be well-versed in the basics, prepare a study plan, habituate to practice daily and stay motivated. We hope these tips help you and guide you to prepare and crack the NATA 2024 exam and fulfil your dream of pursuing your dreams. BRDS offers the best NATA Classes Online that can enhance your preparation. We have helped numerous students ace the exam through our expert guidance and get admission to their dream architecture institutes. To enrol, call us today. 

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