National Aptitude Test in Architecture Exam 2022 (NATA) takes into account the aptitude or the ability of the candidate for the architecture exam. The test evaluates a sense of proportion, observation and drawing skills, critical thinking ability, aesthetic understanding, etc. that are associated with the field of architecture. The aspiring candidates who wish to preparation for NATA exam need to practice sketching and drawing a lot. The exact date of the exam would be updated after the official announcement; however, the tentative date is the 1st week of January. The examination date is the last week of April and results are expected to declare on the 1st week of June. In this blog, BRDS India share some points on how to prepare for NATA entrance exam:

 How to prepare NATA exam? or How to self study for NATA?

This blog lists out important tips to help candidates who are preparing for NATA 2022-23 exam by self study at home. Let’s take a quick look at how to prepare for NATA exam or how to self study for NATA.

  1. The most important and the basic tip is to imagine and think creative. Why? Because architecture is something where you need new and original ideas to create aesthetic design, to create something from nothing or to build something new. So, creativity is no.1 criteria for NATA exam. So you have to do Preparation for NATA entrance exam, likewise.
  2. Practice, practice and more practice. We all heard the proverb-practice makes a man perfect and this is the main rule for the NATA exam preparation. So, if you want to perfect your visualization skills, analytical ability, imagination, illustration, perception, observation skills etc., you need to practice a lot. Simply acquiring knowledge on these skills is not enough, without sufficient practice you won’t be able to complete the test paper on time during exam. Whether you prepare for aptitude, mathematics or drawing, practice is compulsory.
  3. Attempt mock test to gain confidence and speed. This would also help you in time management. Give appropriate time to three sections of study-drawing, aptitude and mathematics.
  4. Solving previous year NATA question papers is a must. At least solving 15-20 question papers of the previous NATA exam are recommended. This would help you to get a detailed idea of the exam. Also, it is an excellent technique to understand where you stand in NATA entrance test preparation. Moreover, it would also help you to get familiar with the paper pattern.
  5. Try to read and gather data about the renowned architects and architectural creations of national and international significance.
  6. You should always use A4 size paper to practice test. This is because A4 size sheets are mainly used during exams. This would help you to set your perspective in a better way.
  7. Time management is another important skill to be followed. Managing and utilizing time for test preparation would give you an advantage over other students appearing for the same test.
  8. Start Preparation for NATA entrance exam as early as possible at home through self study. This is because as NATA is one of the toughest national level entrance exam, you should start preparing early from your school days. Starting early would give you more time for preparation, and getting you good score in NATA test.
  9. Do not spend your valuable time on distractions such as social media and other activities. Rather practice sketching skills because this category is of utmost important in architecture.
  10. Always use light color pencil for sketching, as they are easy to use and take less time in exams.

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