Architecture & Design Portfolio

A clean and uncluttered portfolio is usually considered as the best for case studies. It allows featured works to stand out which should be the main goal of any portfolio.

BRDS offers 2 options for your portfolio preparation.


One of the requirements for admission to foreign universities is ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN PORTFOLIO. A portfolio is a comprehensive body of work with a level of specialization representing the chosen discipline.

Our studio helps you to prepare portfolio for admission into architecture & design school to graduate or postgraduate program.


Portfolio plays important role in final selection during admission at design colleges. You can compile some selected works of yours into a folder with actual printed materials, photographs, samples etc.

One must include material such as sketch books, drawings and the visual research and planning done to develop the work. Present your portfolio in an organized manner so that the assessor may follow and understand creative direction.

Our studio helps you to prepare portfolio for admission into design school to graduate or postgraduate program.

 Sample of Design Portfolio

BRDS Sample of Design Portfolio
BRDS Sample of Design Portfolio
BRDS Sample of Design Portfolio
BRDS Sample of Design Portfolio

 10 Days Design Portfolio Workshop

BRDS offers a 10 days design portfolio workshop, which helps students to prepare a portfolio for admission into design schools for graduate & undergraduate programs. The workshop will guide students to prepare portfolio for the chosen field of study. The following are the features of the workshop:

The workshop contains, Print Making, Graphic Design, Story Boarding, Creative Writing, 2D 3D Design, Product Design, Transportation Design, Original Thinking, Light & Shadow, Illustrations, Introduction to mind mapping & assessing ones personal attributes, Theoretical knowledge on subjects like introduction to portfolio, elements of design, colour theory & verbo visual, Practical workshop on poster making, basic drawing, sketching & colouring, photography & 3D product development, Portfolio presentation techniques

To apply for the portfolio workshop
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 Portfolio Result

Below is our list of students (previous year) who have undertaken the workshop for abroad study, portfolio preparation at BRDS & have been successfully admitted in various international design colleges across the world.

  • Shivani Supta, Australia
  • Kanish Latif, USA
  • Aishwarya Subramanian, Singapore
  • Arpit Shah, Canada
  • Mrinalini Sanghani, USA
  • Aanchal Lodha, UK
  • Raj Brahmbhatt, USA
  • Anushka Pai, USA
  • Shuchi Sharma, Singapore
  • Siddharth Shah, USA
  • Archisha Kashyap, Singapore
  • Trishla Chadha, UK
  • Ria Samvedi, UK
  • Samarthya Bhargava, USA
  • Kanksha M Patel, USA
  • Ronak Dave, Malaysia
  • Dharg K, UK
  • Jivitesh Mazumdar, UK
  • Aishwarya Bhattacharjee, Singapore