CEPT Admission 2024 & 2025/CEPT 2024

CEPT University, formerly the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, is an academic institution located near the university area in Ahmedabad, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs in areas of the natural and developed environment of human society and related disciplines.

The University focuses on understanding, designing, planning, constructing, and managing human habitats. Its teaching programs build thoughtful professionals and its research programs deepen understanding of the human habitat. Check the following five faculties of CEPT University and contact us today for CEPT Admission 2024.

The university comprises five faculties:
The Faculty Of Architecture (1962)
The Faculty Of Planning (1972)
The Faculty Of Technology (1982)
The Faculty Of Design (1992)
The Faculty Of Management (2013)

Why Choose Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio for CEPT 2024?

All the educators & teachers at BRDS enhance students’ talent at every level of geometrical drawing, three-dimensional perception, architectural awareness, imagination & design exposure, creativity and perception, mathematical and analytical ability, socio-cultural issues, and awareness.

The academy provides unmatched guidance and excellent support that makes the difference between failure and success. Students who wish to share their designed sketchbooks or artwork with the faculty members for review can send them for assessment through email or courier. After checking the work, you get instant and positive remarks and this happens within 7-12 working days. All the students are provided with challenging Home Assignments for a better understanding of various concepts and making them dig deeper. Also, there will be regular doubt-clearing sessions for the learners once a week, for the removal of any confusion in concepts. To gather more information about the CEPT course, CEPT 2024 Admission fee structure, study material, and much more, kindly contact Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio (BRDS) for CEPT Admission 2024 & CEPT Admission form details!

Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor of Urban Design
Bachelor of Construction Technology (SBST)
Bachelor of Interior Design
Bachelor of Design