The CEPT University is an institute in Ahmedabad that offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of natural and developed human society and related disciplines. Their main focus is to understand planning, designing and constructing human habitats. The CEPT exam is an entrance exam conducted by the CEPT University to shortlist candidates for admission to the PG courses and UG courses that they offer.

The CEPT exam preparation is done to get admission to one of the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty of Planning
  • Faculty of Technology
  • Faculty of Design
  • Faculty of Management

CEPT University students have an excellent and bright future ahead of them, as it is one of the many perks of studying at the top university in the country. The CEPT programs, curriculum, and teaching style with esteemed alumni, polishes a student’s skill and have a promising future.

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Here are some career opportunities after students crack the CEPT exam

  • Urban designer

The urban designs comprise designs of various towns and cities, their streets, roads, paths and other structures. These urban places are made with the help of collaborative and other multidimensional features which put life in these structures, it serves the purpose of an urban designer. It is a mix of planning and architecture modules and can be a great career choice for creative minds.

  • Landscape Architect

The job of landscape architects is to make visually appealing structures such as gardens, parks, playgrounds, attractive residential neighbourhoods, eye-catching academic campuses, public structures and places. In these structures, a Landscape Designer should include public parks, roads, footpaths, trees and plants, and proper arrangement of huge structures of houses and buildings.

A landscape architect is an excellent career choice for students who are passionate towards designing and planning.

  • Furniture Designer

A Furniture Designer creates and draws models of furniture that serve the functions, is comfortable and very long-lasting. They design the furnish of the interior and also the exteriors like couches, tables, chairs, dining tables, and decorative pieces. They not only mass produce furnish but also make custom furniture as per the taste and preference of customers by procuring customer orders, preparing blueprints of specification, designing the details of the fixtures and detailing the tools and techniques that will be used in production. To live the dream of a furniture Designer students have to be prepared and well-versed in the CEPT exam practice which will help them clear the exam and accomplish their dreams.

  • Textile Designer

A textile Designer understands the sensitivity towards colours, patterns, forms, layouts, fabrics, and materials and has an understanding of the aesthetic characteristics of fabrics that they learn in architectural and design schools. In the high-end fashion industry, there is a scarcity of text tile designers and this job has a lot of demand and potential, making it a great career choice. Clearing the CEPT Entrance Exam is the first step towards getting admission to CEPT University and fulfilling a student’s dream of becoming a Text Tile Designer.

  • Entrepreneur

Architects can become successful Entrepreneurs if they possess problem-solving skills and have a creative mind. Starting a self-owned venture is one of the most popular careers in any field. A CEPT graduate can become self-employed and start up their own business in the field of Architecture, Interior Designing, Furniture Designing, Graphic design, Architectural technologies and other related disciplines.

CEPT Univeristy offers promising careers. They make students understand the professional field and develop collaborative skills with technical and theoretical skills that help them excel in all aspects of life. At BRDS the dream of students of getting admission to their dream CEPT university gets realized, the CEPT result 2023 is an example of BRDS, which is the best coaching institute that allows students to accomplish their dreams.

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