What’s the Best Preparation Strategy for NATA 2025-26

NATA is conducted by the Council of Architecture (COA) for admission to undergraduate B.Arch courses at top architecture colleges in India. It is a national-level exam that is held annually to offer admission to eligible candidates. To crack the entrance exam, students must prepare the best strategy that aligns with their studying style and goals.

How to Prepare for NATA 2025-26?

Preparing for entrance is not difficult if you have a structured plan and the best NATA exam preparation strategy. Here are some strategies to prepare for the NATA entrance exam 2025:

• To crack NATA, you must prepare a study timetable and strictly follow it. Give more time to subjects that you find challenging.
• Practice sketching techniques, memory drawing, effects of dimensional elements, perspective drawing and other topics.
• Avoid overthinking and stress, and get proper sleep.

Here are the Best Strategies to Help you Prepare for NATA 2025-26

• Be Well-versed in the Syllabus

Knowing the syllabus, you familiarize yourself with the different topics and concepts from where questions can be asked. Some of the important topics from NATA 2025 syllabus are verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, elements and principles of design, Mathematics, visual perception & cognition, and general knowledge and current affairs.

• Understand the Exam Pattern

From the question paper pattern for NATA, you can get an idea of the types of questions that can be asked, the marking scheme, and the exam mode. For instance, the drawing section may include questions on perspective drawing, memory drawing, and effects of dimensional elements.

• Create a Study Plan

Take a look at the syllabus and prepare a study plan accordingly. Allocate enough time for each topic and follow it religiously. Remember to allocate adequate time for rest so you don’t overstress yourself.

• Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers

One of the most effective ways to prepare for the NATA exam is by solving the previous year’s question papers. This practice not only improves your time management and problem-solving skills but also helps you identify the topics that need more attention. Moreover, it gives you a clear idea of the type of questions that can be asked during the NATA exam 2025, making you feel reassured and prepared.

• Use Relevant High-Quality Study Material

High-quality and well-researched study material can make a huge difference to your preparation. If you are preparing to appear for the NATA 2025 entrance exam, you can consider buying BRDS NATA study material. Our experienced faculty prepares our study material experts in their fields to help you cover all topics of NATA and enhance your preparations.

• Attempt Mock Tests

As many mock tests as possible will help you recognize the areas that need the most attention and time management and be well-versed in the types of questions that can be asked in actual exams. Mock tests help to improve accuracy and speed.


With the best preparation strategy for NATA 2024-25, you can take the entrance exam with confidence. BRDS offers the best NATA online coaching and classroom classes. Our experienced faculty provides students with the best study material and resources. We offer students personalized feedback and pinpoint the areas that need more attention. We conduct mock tests to enhance preparation and maximise chances of passing the NATA exam with the best results. For admissions, call BRDS today.

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