One of the prominent entrance tests offered by the Council of Architecture for enrollment in the B. Arch program is the National Aptitude Test in Architecture. Every year, there are two sessions where the NATA exam is offered, and many candidates fill out the NATA application. Below listed are the things you must consider before buying NATA materials:

1. Content:

Drawing, creativity, and perspective drawing instruction books are all available separately.

2. Topic:

The concepts from the NATA Online Test and NATA Drawing Test should be thoroughly covered.

3. Publisher:

It is always a good idea to buy materials from a reputable tutoring facility. They typically have the resources and expertise necessary to produce high-quality content since they are wholly committed to the area. 

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4. Website:

Look for student testimonies, NATA Preparation Books, Online Test Reviews, and other information on the tutoring center’s website. The legitimacy of the institute can be seen on its website. 

5. Number of Books: 

Separate books should be written on different subjects, such as analytical skills, drawing, architectural awareness, etc. 

6. Test Series:

No study material kit is complete without the Solved and Unsolved NATA Previous Year Papers. You can take up the NATA Entrance Exam 2023 by preparing well. 

7. Time Required for Delivery: 

Always inquire about the estimated delivery time when placing an online order.

You should not forget to look at the NATA Results from earlier batches. You should prepare well. The above points should be considered before selecting material for your preparation with NATA Sample Paper 2022. Selecting the best material is important for your success.

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