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  Why you should Buy BRDS Sample Papers?

Reason No. 1: Highest Selling Course Material
BRDS Study Material is the Highest selling course material for NID, NIFT, CEED, NATA and CEPT through out India comparing to any coaching institute.

Reason No. 2: Highest Results
By using this study material, BRDS students have scored Highest Results

Reason No. 3: Expert Guidance & Support
BRDS offers expert guidance & support, Students can scan their sketch book & artworks and send it for assesment at OR for those who wish to send the Hardcopy of their Sketchbook, they can send their sketch book throught courier at Ahmedabad Address given below. The faculty at BRDS will review & assess a students work, provide remarks & courier it back to your address with 7-12 working days.

Reason No. 4: Complete Study Material (in one lot)
BRDS is the only institute which offers complete study material in one Lot.

Reason No. 5: NID / NIFT / IIT Alumni
Well designed course content by NID / NIFT Alumni covering all subject in depth

Reason No. 6: A to Z
Starting from Scratch to Detailing which builds the confidence of students with a problem solving approach.

Reason No. 7: Practical Knowledge
Focusing on overall practical knowledge.

Reason No. 8: Creative Skills
Develops over all creative skills of a design aspirant which not only helps him cracking the entrance but also makes him ready to face the challenges after entering a design college.