CEPT Coaching in Baroda

The teaching programs at CEPT University focus on building professional, so that students can become a versatile professional in the field of Architecture, Planning, Design, and Technology. The university focuses on designing, planning, constructing, and managing different projects. Depending upon the interest of pupils, the curriculum and course syllabus are designed in the best way by the educated team of professionals. CEPT University holds four faculties:

  • The Faculty of Architecture: It exposes them to the aesthetic, technical, social, political and ethical dimensions of the built environment
  • The Faculty of Design: This program enhances the skills of a person in imagination and design exposure, creativity and perception, visual perception and logic.
  • The Faculty of Technology: This program deals in engineering and construction.
  • The Faculty of Planning: This program focuses on the planning in a public field.

To prepare students for the entrance examination of CEPT, Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio (BRDS) covers all the major topics and brush up learners at every level. The institute is run by the team of professionals from CEPT & MSU.

The study material provided by the academy to students is specially prepared by Alumni of CEPT & MSU. All the educators and teachers consistently introduce innovative methods and ideas to make the easier and interesting. Thus, choosing BRDS for CEPT Coaching in Baroda is a beneficial decision. Do not delay and contact the academy to get the best result in CEPT exam.